Obstacle driving is also called cones. It depends on the horses’ speed, dexterity, obedience and perfect lightness. Depending on the level of difficulty of the course, up to 20 pairs of cones are set up on one course, with a distance of about 15-20 cm wider than the carriage track. The pairs of cones must be driven through as quickly as possible within a defined distance without any errors. The cone gates are numbered consecutively with a red number on the right-hand side and a white number on the left-hand side. On each cone there is a ball, which should remain in the position if possible. If you miss a goal or drive from the wrong side, you are disqualified. A timeout results in 0.5 error points per second. The team with the fewest penalty points wins. In case of a tie, the participant with the fastest time wins. Three penalty points are calculated for each dropped part.