WCH Pairs 2019
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The city of Drebkau, southwest of Cottbus (12 km) is located in the administrative district of Spree-Neiße in Brandenburg in Germany. Cottbus is an Olympic base, trade fair city and university town with excellent transport connections.

To the 36 hectares of rented pasture land and woodland, which today belongs to the riding and driving association, Raakow Castle joins in, whose name was given to the association. There are currently two stable buildings on the site, a hall with horse walker, an event and carriage hall as well as a clubhouse – a driving sports hall is planned.

For the equestrian sports enthusiasts there are numerous riding and driving areas, extensive network of tracks, as well as 8 permanent obstacles at your disposal. At the moment there are about 20 sport horses on the grounds, which are trained and trained for driving.

Since its foundation, the association organizes national and international driving tournaments every year, as well as international training camps and courses.

360° panorama of the area

Overview map of the event area