Place Order World Championship of pairs 2019, 11.-15.09.2019

§1 Scope
(1) The territorial scope of this site regulations extends over the meeting places and facilities of the Riding and Driving Club “Am Schlosspark” Raakow e.V., located within the enclosure named below. (2) The ranking is valid on the respective event days for all events that take place on the grounds of the riding and driving club “Am Schlosspark” Raakow e.V. or on the ancillary facilities. It also applies to the areas outside the designated areas (parking lots), unless these are regulated by their own regulations.

§2 dedication
(1) The site serves primarily to host the Driving World Championship and entertainment events.
(2) There is no public claim to access to or use of the meeting places and facilities of the course.

§3 stay
(1) The facilities of the riding and driving club “Am Schlosspark” Raakow e.V. may only accommodate persons who carry a valid ticket or other authorization card or who can prove their residence permit for an event in another way. Tickets and permits are to be presented within the facility at the request of the control and order service, the police or the regulatory authorities.
(2) For the way to the venue only the designated ways and entrances are to be used. Non-public areas are excluded from access.

§4 incoming inspection
(1) Upon entering the facility, every visitor is required to show his ticket or his / her authorization card to the control and order service without being asked to do so and to hand it over for review on request.
(2) Persons who can not prove their residence permit and persons who present a security risk must be rejected and prevented from entering the facility.
(3) The control and order service is entitled to investigate persons – also through the use of technical aids – as to whether they are due to alcohol or drug use or because of the carrying of weapons or dangerous objects in the sense of § 6 or flammable matters pose a security risk. The investigation covers garments as well as other containers.
(4) Visitors who refuse to investigate or are obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who carry weapons or dangerous objects within the meaning of § 6 and who do not consent to their being safeguarded by the control and order service must also be rejected and Entering the facility to prevent.
(5) The distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages and food in public is linked to statutory age limits. We take the protection of minors very seriously and will check the age of guests in cases of doubt. The proof of age must be provided on request in a suitable manner (for example, by presenting a valid photo ID).
(6) The attendance at public events without the accompaniment of a persons-dependent or education-related person may not be permitted to children and adolescents under the age of 16 and to adolescents over the age of 16 at the latest until 24 o’clock. The organizer reserves the right to check this by requesting a photo ID or to refer the children / young people prior to the event.

§5 Behavior on the system
(1) Within the facilities, each visitor shall behave in such a way that no one else is harmed, endangered or – more than unavoidable under the circumstances – obstructed or harassed.
(2) Visitors must comply with the instructions of the police, the fire brigade, the control and order service, the rescue service and the event speaker.
(3) Photo, video and audio recordings are prohibited during Vanessa Mai’s concert.
(4) Dogs are kept on a leash all the time.
(5) Smoking is permitted only in areas where ashtrays are installed. Smoking is prohibited in the marquee, in all enclosed rooms and in all stables. Visitors and participants are particularly cautioned not to smoke near the tree areas when the forest fire alert level is elevated.

§6 prohibitions
(1) The visitors of the World Cup are prohibited from carrying the following items:
a) weapons of any kind;
b) objects or objects which can be used as weapons or projectiles which, in their nature, can injure or damage persons;
(c) objects or clothing suitable for use as a protective weapon which, in the circumstances, may be used to ward off sovereignty enforcement;
d) things that are suitable and, under circumstances, intended to prevent identification;
e) gas spray cans and pressure vessels for flammable or harmful gases (commercial pocket lighters are excluded), flammable liquids, corrosive or coloring substances;
(f) bottles (including PET bottles), mugs, jugs or cans made of fragile, splintering or especially hard material; the taking of non-alcoholic beverages as “Tetra-Pack” or for small children in the designated containers is allowed;
g) bulky items such as ladders, stools, chairs, boxes, trunks;
h) firecrackers, rockets, Bengal fires, smoke powders, smoke bombs, flares and other pyrotechnic articles;
i) drugs or alcoholic beverages of all kinds;
(j) to cause the emergency outside the toilets or to contaminate the installation in any other way, in particular by disposing of property (waste, packaging, empty containers, etc.);

§7 liability
(1) Entering and using the system is at your own risk.
(2) The riding and driving club “Am Schlosspark” Raakow e.V. is not liable for personal injury and property damage caused by third parties.
(3) The riding and driving club “Am Schlosspark” Raakow e.V. is liable in accordance with the statutory provisions, if culpably caused by intent or gross negligence of their legal representatives or vicarious agents damage to life, limb or health.
(4) Accidents or damage are to be reported immediately to the riding and driving club “Am Schlosspark” Raakow e.V.

§8 sound and image recordings
(1) The visitors of the events on the grounds of the riding and driving club “Am Schlosspark” Raakow eV irrevocably, without any time limit and worldwide, without the latter being obliged to pay a fee, grant the consent and authorization for the production of soundtracks. and picture taking. These can also be created by third parties, reproduced, sent and used in current and future media.

§9 infringements
(1) By purchasing an admission ticket or other access authorization, the visitors recognize the order of the riding and driving club “Am Schlosspark” Raakow e.V. as binding.
(2) A claim of rejected or referred visitors for reimbursement of the entrance fee does not exist, if deliberately or negligently against the place order was acted. Likewise, people who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not eligible for reimbursement.
(3) Visitors who commit a criminal offense or a misdemeanor within the facility may be subject to a criminal complaint and a criminal complaint.
(4) If the World Championship or the organizer is brought in by the third party due to the improper behavior of visitors to claims for damages and / or fines, these claims are asserted on the recourse.
(5) Prohibited items are ensured if they are needed for a criminal investigation. Incidentally, the visitor who carries prohibited goods, the choice of whether he leaves the plant with these things or renounced the ownership of the property and they are the security and security service for destruction. A claim for return of the same does not exist in the latter case.
(7) The rights of the riding and driving club “Am Schlosspark” Raakow e.V. as the owner of the house right remain untouched.

§10 Final provision
(1) The site regulations come into force on 08.09.2019.
(2) The order can be changed by the operator at any time and without giving reasons. Each new edition (version) of this site order automatically replaces any older edition and overrides that.

As of: 21.05.2019