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The long way to the Zweispänner World Cup In Drebkau, preparations for the big event have long since begun

There was jubilation, excitement, hilarity at this 11.11. – as in parts of the Lower Lusatia, but especially in Cottbus and the not distant Drebkau, the foolish time began. The family of Torsten Koalick, who naturally and dutifully participated in the first carnival session, where not only the new prince couple was introduced, but also danced and chanted, was caught by it. For a few hours, the focus of the Zweispänner national champion of 2015 was not on his job, not on his multi-faceted company and not on the direction of the Driving World Cup, which in total over a year and a half the small town in the district of Spree-Neisse takes. An event that attracts great attention and headlines for equestrian sports not only in the region, but throughout Brandenburg and even across national borders.

Basically, but within the riding and driving club “Am Schlosspark Raakow” for some time after the Gorbachev thesis of “who comes too late, the punished life” acted. Torsten Koalick, the chairman and always with a specific goal in mind, is aware that there is much to do to present both to the drivers and expected many visitors a worthy venue. “We have already made some progress in the last few weeks, so agreements with the company Event Perfect met, who is responsible for the frame design at the World Cup, have with the district administrator Harald Altekrüger, our mayor Dietmar Horke and the various clubs from the city and the Spoken environment and also made initial sponsorship negotiations.”

Last but not least, visible changes have already been made to the plant, walls have been heaped up and landscaped, so that everyone has a good view, relocated a building and above all provided extensive building applications. A further obstacle, a new judge tower and a special road access should be created by the time of the World Cup, but above all a modern multifunctional hall (80 by 40 m) with corresponding side walkways, which one day can be used by the local clubs. Among other things, it is intended for a bowling alley, a billiard room, a shooting range and various rooms, which serve the local clubs as a new home. Finally, a gastronomy is provided, which otherwise does not exist in the small town. But more is planned.

Torsten Koalick, busy boss of three companies (demolition and dismantling of buildings, as well as earthworks, civil engineering and road construction as well as building material transports), hopes that as soon as possible the corresponding financial commitments from the Leader funding program will come, so that finally can be started. Finally, the hall, which is also suitable for indoor sporting events, will serve during the World Cup as a meeting place for drivers and spectators, where the Nations Evening, honors and all sorts of colorful events should take place. In general, it is thought to make the World Cup days to a true folk festival with knight games, jugglers, fire breathers, costume parade, children’s playgrounds, various sales and souvenir stands and a vintage car exhibition. Both Father Torsten and son Sandro are outspoken automobile freaks.

“Obviously not every detail will be achieved by next year, but at least we want to finish the course design so that our tournament will be given the status of a big dress rehearsal from 13 to 16 September 2018, because twelve months later at the same time The World Cup is taking place, “said Torsten Koalick, a great Drebkauer, who stands for openness, fairness, tolerance, determination, orderliness, conscientiousness, but also generosity, although he always persists to deal sensibly with the money. He himself, who comes from simple circumstances and a family of seven, has been committed to driving for more than a decade since he once participated in the cold blood race in Brück and then further into the secrets of Bernhard Stubbe, who died much too early of driving was introduced.

In the summer of 2004, the riding and driving club “Am Schlosspark Raakow” was founded, whereby a former, unused LPG area with run-down stable buildings (pig and cattle breeding) served as a location for a mobile sports activity. It proved to be advantageous that an area of ​​about 50 hectares, pasture land and forest area, was available, which provided favorable conditions for tournament sports activities.

Relatively quickly developed a modern driving center, which advanced to the scene of the Berlin-Brandenburg title fights in the one-, two- and four-in-hand, where even German championships and a FEI World Cup qualifier were held. And when you applied for the World Cup two years ago, you got the nod because of the good experiences you made. Naturally, nine local riders can start at such an event, so both Koalicks are expecting a certain chance, Sandro anyway, because he has long been one of the German top class.

“I recently acquired some talented, viable horses that I want to try to attack,” said Torsten Koalick, who is the chairman of a very active club in which a dozen or so drivers have found a home. This is next to Sandro, the World Cup seventh from two years ago, to his partner and mother of the joint son Friedrich, the Einspänner national champion of 2015 Tanja Anson, and not least to those Lars Krüger, who with strong performances in the German Einspänner A squad has made it.

Other Drebkauer drivers are Matthias Wolfram, Thomas Trinks (two-in-hand), Daniel and Michael Just and Harald Wieland, who are on the road in the one-and-a-half division. If you like, a Norman Schroeder, Beatrix, Aline and Lara Libor must be mentioned, but for the club PURE health, which is a loose cooperation, start.

Tanja Anson, Frohnatur from the Siegerland, which has long been native to Drebkau and was even chosen as a fountain fairy in the summer, most likely in the next season, also in the two-man scene. In any case, Torsten Koalick wants to create the conditions and provide for the appropriate horses, because Tanja’s championship gelding Imperator can be moved because of a leg injury only in the crotch and light trot. Nevertheless, he could be ridden by his owner in the past few months in one or the other dressage tournament.

Still someone has a big part in that in Drebkau the driving flourishes, Kerstin Koalick, ex-wife of Torsten Koalick. She is not only the main son of the family business, like her son Sandro, but an important pillar in the preparation and execution of the tournament, responsible for the sponsorship, which will be intensified in the near future. After all, the World Cup can not be organized for free.

June 14, 2017

Announcement in the Official Journal FEI World Championship of the two-in-hand 2019 in Drebkau

Unique and unique on the driving sport park in the castle park Raakow, takes place from 11th to 15th September 2019 the FEI World Championship of two-in-hand drivers will take place. With passion and elegance, riders and horses from up to 20 nations meet for a competition and a weekend full of emotional moments, full of exciting entertainment and culinary delights from the Spreewald and the Lausitz.

The riding and driving club “Am Schlosspark Raakow” e.V. is host and organizer of this World Cup and hereby requests regional companies, clubs and institutions for support.

From sponsoring, to program contributions, stalls on the shopping street to numerous helpers in the implementation. All partners are welcome.

Please mark this date.


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